Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 10: Lab it Up!

Happy Friday! Today, the studious students spent the two hours in the lab, as if they were children given a shiny loonie to spend in a candy store. Everything was gobbled up quickly, and with smiles.

Today we discussed various topics: the individual projects, history of the excavation site, artifacts found throughout the week, what we are trying to accomplish this year, and next weeks schedule. (See a picture below of some of the artifacts found in previous years.)

Here is a quick little list of who is doing what for the individual projects:
Verena - Detailed illustrations to scale of key artifacts. She will be submitting a portfolio of her line drawings.
Andrea - Photography of key artifacts, and some photos of excavation sites. She will be submitting a disk of clear, crisp, and detail oriented photographs.
Sean - Level bags analysis. He will be sorting, weighing, and counting the submitted finds in the level bags, as he takes over the lab.
Nadia - She will be providing a detailed analysis on any artifacts that Bob gives her, focusing on dates of artifacts. This involves researching companies, company histories, designs, patents and the estimated ages of artifacts found.
Suzannah - Focussing on excavating the cabin on the hillside, and nearby areas, and providing detailed drawings, and photos of different angles.
Paul - Research into wooden features found on site, specifically planks by the bathhouse to see if there was a structure there. He will be submitting photos and illustrations to scale, and in overall relation to the nearby ofuro (the Japanese bathhouse).
Anja - Researching one of the two depressions, but she shows more interest with the curious depression near the ofuro (opposed to the depression that was thought to have been an outhouse that contained perfectly preserved bottles in it).
Max - He will be researching the mystery chair, fire pit and foot stool with less focus on the age of the chair, but more on the measurements, line drawings, and photos that he will be submitting.
Andy - He is in charge of the overall report preparation.
Rikki - Submitting a report on soil samples, after researching what was done in the area before. For example, the area thought to have been a garden. This involves Rikki doing soil samples from a few areas, near the gardens/rockery, and producing comparison samples to the rest of the area. She will also be seeing what seeds and pollen the plant life indigenous to the area produce for comparison to the previously collected seeds and pollen found in garden area.
Simon - His priority is to figure out the minimum # of bottles found at the site, then categorize them (eg: by colour, shape, manufacturer), and identify bottles. Simon would like to work more specifically with beer bottles and hopes to find a range of dates of when they might have been produced. With this information Bob would like to do a comparison to figure out how many bottles were used for things like medicine, beer, food, creams, etc.
Brittany - She is incharge of all of the inventory, and correction of previous documented artifacts, for the last 11 years.
Bora - He will be surveying the western slope, higher up than the hillside cabin in order to look for evidence of cultural activity over the last 100 years. Bora's report will consist of a list of what he found, and where he found it.
Sonya - Her report will consist of all the info on artifacts found from the submitted artifact forms, drawings, photos, and descriptions.
Jessi - Continue to work on the blog, and submit a summary report.

These projects are all very engaging, and will all be very detailed, and Bob is the master who is organizing it all! Although everyone has a project that will require them to work on it during school hours, the majority of the class will still be excavating daily.

Before you leave this blog to enjoy your weekend, there were a few more artifacts found this week worth mentioning. First off, the lovely Nadia unearthed some fabric and a button! Also, Simon found a Pons hand cream bottle, and what is probably a Heinz bottle was also discovered. Heinz bottles are a common find on the reserve, mostly because the company was already well established in the 1800's.

Okay, over and out until Tuesday, because Monday May 24th is Victoria day, a statutory holiday for some of the Canadian provinces. Have a great weekend.

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