Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16th Public Event at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

On Sunday, May 16th the project had a display in the annual summer kick-off public event in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. The display attracted hundreds of people, many who left with a better understanding of archaeology and how it contributes to a better understanding of local history.

There were several displays by various organizations at the event. The archaeology project shared display space with others interested in history under the large white awning.

Field school alumnus Kaylen Riedlinger explains the project to interested youth in the picture below.

The public had a chance to read about the project, see and touch collected artifacts, and discuss the project with the project director and student volunteers.

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  1. Bud Lite Lime Flavoured? That is going to be one of the future archaeologists' best narrow-time frame temporal markers I think (at least I hope people aren't still drinking that in the future)

    According to Wikipedia this flavoured beverage was introduced in 2005 though, so there is a five year window already.