Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 9: All Hail Archaeology!

All Hail Archaeology! Or, at least that was what Mother Nature thought today. After a mystical and sunny start, some time around 11:30am it started to hail on the field school students (a few times). Have no fear though, because the students were prepared and are tough! They worked through the hail, because of the dedication to learn, and the excitement of the days unearthings. (The picture below is blurry from my panic to document the excitement.)

Today was very engaging. We had another visitor, who is lovingly referred to as "Tin Can Guy" by the field-schoolers, and as Spencer Kitson by normal people. Tin Can Guy is a former student who participated in the field school of 2007, and became attached to his project on tin cans. He has subsequently turned into the go-to-guy on cans (see picture below). Spencer lent us his expertise today, when we asked him to inspect the unusually shaped cans in Paul and Bora's plot (mentioned yesterday).

The unusual cans were rectangular in shape (see picture below), and are now suspected to have contained a spam-like meat within them. This possible explanation of the contents, in addition to another very curious metal can that Spencer thinks was for beer and began production c. 1935, will hopefully help us determine or narrow-down the date of when these were deposited and how long the camp was used for. These cans are the first of their kind to have been discovered on the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, which may help strengthen Bob Muckle's hypothesis that there were Japanese inhabitants between 1920's and the 1940's Japanese internment. More research will be done to find out specific dates, contents, etc., and you will be kept posted!

A few other entertaining events occurred including documenting and the removal of all the intact glass bottles, tin cans, and boot artifacts before the long weekend. Anja was super excited with her bottle.

The students also continued to find more artifacts today, for example Rikki and Verena (pictured below) found some more pieces to a battery in their heavily rooted plot.

Yes, this was the last field day for this week, and we only have three field days next week because of the long weekend. (Brittany looks shocked at the thought, in the photo below).

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