Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 28: Optional Laboratory Extravaganza

Suzannah, Anja, Bora, Nadia, Paul, Simon, and Spencer flooded the lab on Friday with an electic assortment of music, while they worked away on their projects & project reports, or prepared for the final exam with help from Bob.

Spencer and Simon were using various tin can cleaning & restoring techniques, including one electrolysis experiment to remove rust. In the picture below they are using a car battery charger to send electricity to a tin can, which then causes the rust to transfer to the steel trowel. The process appears to be working. As Bob said, "They could hardly CAN-tain their enthusiasm." Zing!

When Bob wasn't helping the students, he was preparing for a public event that will be held on Sunday (Father's Day) at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, by packing a few large containers of artifacts, pamphlets, posters, among other things. Below is a picture of a few artifacts that will be used.

And just for fun, pictured below are some fossils that were not found in the field. Bob had recently received these fossil casts, and is very excited about them!

One other thing that happened in the lab, was a surprise visit from our dear Ken Barbour. Ken visited us on June 3rd and works for the Capilano Communications and Marketing department. He will be using a photo that he took on his day in the field with us in the 'Capilano University View Book'. We will be getting another visit on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Happy Father's day!

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