Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 29: Optional Monday Lab

Hey-o! Today Andrea, Simon, and Spencer were working in the lab this Monday, since it was optional.

Andrea was working away on her report.

And Simon was attacking cans with Spencer again, like mad scientists!

Below is a photo showing a before and after photo of a can that the dynamic duo had been working on. The progress that Simon and Spencer had made is very impressive! The structural integrity of the can even increased once the rust had been removed.

Tomorrow the field school will collect in the lab and if they aren't working on their projects, there are some other projects that need to be completed this Wednesday. Below are photos of the assignments on the board. Most of it revolves around organizing artifacts and the equipment, and putting things into storage.

After Simon, Andrea, and Spencer were done working away for the day, they came down to see my (Jessica's) convocation/graduation ceremony! (Thanks guys!) I am shamelessly including a photo for my family to see!

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