Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 32: Final Exam, Final Field Day


Yes, it's true. Today, Thursday, was the last day in the field, and the day that the final exam was written. Tomorrow is the last official day of the field school, which will take place in the lab.

Here's what happened with the final exam!

The students were split up into four different groups, and each group was given an assigned site which was, as discussed before, the area that the student uses to fill out the British Columbian Archaeological Site Inventory form (sections 1 - 5, and 7) *downloadable here*.

After the groups find their sites together, it was up to each individual student to collect their data, and complete their form (which includes, among other things, determining map references, describing the location, and drawing a map to scale.)

The groups & assignments were as follows:

Suzannah, Sean, Max, Nadia: The Hastings/Sparks Site. The feature to be described is the concrete feature that Bob had shown us on the first day in the field. The boundaries and access needed to be described too.

Brittany, Bora, Rikki, Anja, and Verena: The water tunnel and collapsed bridge feature need to be described, in addition to access and boundaries. (Pictured below are Rikki, Verena, and Anja scuttling off to their site.)

Paul, Sonya, Simon, Jessi: The Hastings Seymour Camp. The feature to be described was the rock/brick/concrete conglomerate on the slope of the site. The boundaries and access needed to be described as well.

Here is a photo of my group around our "rock/brick/concrete conglomerate", taking our individual measurements of the feature.

In our site, we also saw this water tank (pictured below).

For the part of the inventory form describing the access to the site, and the direction that the feature faced, (also for the map when documenting the direction that other features are related to each other) we got to use our handy dandy compasses (see below).

After getting all of the required information, the exams could be completed at home, or at the school depending on the student's desire. They are due tomorrow at 9:30 am, which is when the last day starts.

Perhaps the archaeologists will celebrate an exciting, educational, and fun field school, that went by far too quickly, with a beer at the pub with the best Bob ever!

Over and out until tomorrow!

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