Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 31: Picture Day!


The lab was attacked with much vigor, and now it is sparkly and organized! The inventory is accounted for, the display case for the field school as been set up, and the artifacts have been put away in to nicely labeled boxes into the anthropology lab. You can just feel Rikki's energy in the picture below!

For the rest of the day, the students continued to do some exam preparation, or report writing until our dear Ken Barbour came to take a class photo for us. Hopefully the photo will be a success, but we won't find out until he gives us our copy later on.

Below is a picture of the gang, taken by Bob, that turned out pretty well! Sadly, Sonya and Andy were unable to make it today, so temporary replacements were hand crafted by the other students. Andy and Sonya were with us in spirit and paper.

Tomorrow is the big final exam day, worth 25% of the final grade. Since the students have been given lots of time to prepare, the overall expectations of the exam results are very positive. Now the only real worry is the forecasted rain on Thursday, and having to part with our group and instructor on Friday...

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

To cheer you up (but mostly myself), here are some more happy photos from today!

Verena & Anja:

Max, Simon, Bora, and Sean:

See you tomorrow with an update on how the final exam was administered, perceived, and tackled!