Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 30: So Clean!

Happy Tuesday!
Paul (pictured below), what was it that the field schoolers did today in the lab?
"We got to make it So Clean!"

Yes, today the students continued the objective of having the lab nice and sparkling by Wednesday afternoon.

Suzannah (pictured below) and myself worked on creating an inventory list of all the archaeology supplies in the lab, with some help from Verena, Paul, and Sean along the way.

Sonya continued working on her project by collecting and providing diagnostics for her supreme list of artifacts found this year.

Sean and Paul in the picture below were making boxes for Sonya and Brittany to use, but they were the handy men in the lab today. The women needed boxes to put artifacts in for storage.

Simon and Spencer continued their science experiments of can cleaning. This sign was found on the lab table.

Later on in the day Ken Barbour stopped on by to take some group photos, where Suzannah, Paul, Sean, Simon, Anja, Andrea, and myself participated. It will be interesting to see how the photos turned out, considering how cheesy that group is! He'll be back tomorrow morning to take a class photo as well.

Finally, I will leave you to ponder an event that occured this morning. Brittany found a cake (pictured below) that at the time only had once piece missing. It was in an empty room in another building on the Capilano University campus, and it had a sign on it saying "help yourself". Naturally she brought it to the continuously hungry archaeologists.

How long does it take poison to kick in?

See you tomorrow, if we live!

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